Ghillie Suits

Nature photographers prefer Ghillie Suits

“Why we hunt is more important than when, where, or how” – Gene Wensel

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Ghillie Suits:

If you are looking for a way to become one with the environment around you, ghillie suits are the answer. Whether you are a hunting enthusiast, love to dive into
a good round of paintball, or really need to blend in with the great outdoors on your next photography expedition, you need clothing that will truly provide camouflage when you need it the most. For those in the military or law enforcement, you may find yourself in a situation where you need quality gear that will make you one with your surroundings.Think ghillie suits.

 The Ghillie Suit: More than Standard Camouflage 
Camouflage is the preferred choice for those in the military and outdoorsmen everywhere. When you are heading out into the wild and you don’t want to stand out, you dress for the situation. You think colors that will be hidden away within the scenery, whether you are surrounded by fall foliage, winter snows, or a spring that is exploding with greenery.Ghillie suits have been created with the person like you in mind. You’ll be amazed at how realistic they appear. With artificial leaves, grass, or weeds attached, you’ll truly become part of the wilderness. You’ll also have coverage from head to toe, finding it much easier for complete concealment when it matters most.

  Have the Edge over the Rest of the Competition 
Whether you are competing with yourself as an avid hunter, intent on catching the best game of your life, or you want to one up the other team when you go out on your next
paintball adventure, think about how what you are wearing can give you the element of surprise. Consider ghillie pants, ghillie jackets, and boonie hats or face veils. You can
find ghillie suits that are specifically tailored for the life of a sniper or a full-time military member. Find a perfect fit for bow hunting as well. Whether you only need one or two
items or want complete ghillie suits, you’ll soon discover what an advantage complete coverage can give you. You might not have thought about the impact that your gear can
have, simply going by color to blend in to the scenery in the past. Take a step further, cover your entire body, and make it become one with nature. You’re going to be satisfied and get what you paid for when you go ghillie.





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